Pump some life into your organization or group! Legendary Team buildings are nothing less than Legendary. Choose a package below that excites your team the most and we will take care of the rest.

Olympic Games Challenge

Break up into teams and compete in our endless list of games/sport Basketball, Volleyball, Dodgeball, Kickball, Soccer, Rock Climbing, Batting Cages, Obstacle Course Race, and many more.

Amazing Race Challenge

Race through our 100,000 sq/ft facility overcoming obstacles and creative barriers to get to the finishline. Everyone must work as a team and finish together to become the Amazing Race Champion!

Scavenger Hunt Mayhem

A task-focused scavenger hunt where your team must communicate to succeed. Strategically search your way to the finish line to win this activity.



While we create a custom plan for you and your team, here are some of our most popular requests.

Most Popular Activities Include:

  • Dodgeball
  • Kickball
  • Basketball
  • Sand Volleyball
  • Flag Football
  • Soccer

Legendary Landmine
Team must choose three different people to get from one side of the turf to the other, one at a time. Chosen people must dribble (soccer) the ball from one side to the other, while blindfoled. If the ball hits ANY object, person must start over from the beginning. Once all three team members make it across, team can advance

Football Frenzy
There will be 3 trash cans located in the turf. Team must get in one line, take turns trying to throw football in the trashcans. Once team has made all three footballs, team can advance.

Soccer Shootout
There will be 5 goals located in the turf. Team must get in one line, take turns trying to kick soccer ball into the goals. Once all goals are made in order, team can advance.

Caterpillar Dash
In a single file line, team must start on one end of turf and do 2 laps around the turf. The team can only move by passing the ball under/over their legs/head, alternating each time. After one lap, team changes direction from passing the ball backward to forward.

Snapchat Scavenger Hunt
Team must snap alphabet, from A to Z, with their phone. Take a picture of every letter, word must start with that letter, and you can’t use the same sign more than once. One designated person on the team must snap each letter and send it to “LegendsSports” Snapchat for me to review

Hoola Hoop Riser
Team is given three hoola hoops. Hoola hoop starts at eye level of the shortest person. Team must put two fingers under the hoola hoop. Team must then lower the hoola hoop to the ground. If anybody’s fingers come off, you must start over. Once everybody from the team raises any hoola hoop at least once, team can advance.

Tic Tac Toeball
Team must stay outside the boundaries to throw dodgeballs into Tic Tac Toe arena. After team lines three hoola hoops in a row with dodgeballs, team can advance.

Around the World
Basic around the world basketball game. Team moves together in one line, alternating turns. Must hit every shot from dots.

Blind Rock Challenge
As a team, you must nominate a player to climb the rock wall blinded folded. Through proper communication, player must make it to the top of the wall.

Obstacle Course Mayday
This course is gritty. Through each obstacle, team must nominate a player to complete it. One player can only complete 2 total obstacles. This includes climbing over walls, up a rope, and ninja awesomeness.

Add-Ons: Make your day extra special with these list of add-ons

  • Catering: Chick-fil-a, BBQ, Jason’s Deli, Pizza
  • Photography:Remember the day in pictures
  • Video: A custom 10-minute video showcasing the highlights of your day
  • Custom T-Shirts: Our custom Team Building shirt have your organizations name on the back
  • Drinks, Snacks, and Alcoholic Beverages, PowerAde
  • Music: DJ for the day!
  • Inflatables: http://www.springpartyrentals.com/waterslides.html

Bubble Soccer: http://www.bubblesoccerusa.com/